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Zoe Moyden The Secret Of Change Documentary



A creative through and through, Zoe is passionate about how different art forms can be used to invoke genuine reaction to issues we face both as individuals and a society. Originally from North West England and now based in Bristol, UK Zoe has been involved in the production of The Secret Of Change from the outset, helped shape the idea into the film it has become, and has been a part of every step of the journey. Her editing skills and understanding of narrative have been vital to the completion of the series. Zoe is also an artist, facilitator and designer. 

Lynn Koek The Secret Of Change Documentary

Lynn Koek


Lynn Koek has been working as a producer in the arts since 2012, after studying Musicology at the University of Amsterdam. Based in New York City, she produces theater, film and music performances all over the world as well as playing in the Brooklyn based band Harvey Eyeballs. She is madly in love with OWL's work and is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Secret of Change documentary series, together with her all-time favorite Chris Doyle.  

Chris Bettles The Secret Of Change Documentary



Chris often describes himself as a 'relentless optimist'. Painfully aware of the challenges the world faces, he believes passionately that a better future is possible. It was this driving force that led him to focus his attention on communicating stories of hope with the world around him in whatever way he can. Fairly new to the world of filmmaking, he is now rarely far from his camera whether he's working or not. Chris is also Director and Co-Founder of If Not Now, a digital marketing agency based in Bristol, where he lives with his partner Zoe. 

Chris Doyle The Secret Of Change Documentary

Chris Doyle 


Chris Doyle is a Brooklyn, New York based musician. Primarily a pianist, Doyle studied piano performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston and completed a Masters in Jazz Performance and Composition at McGill University in Montreal. In New York he works as a live and studio multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer in various music scenes. Doyle recently began working in the Netherlands and he hopes to help further connect the music and art communities in the Netherlands with New York.

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